Sorry, but the process has been stopped. 

Please read the information below.

If you were registering for an event, and you had not yet entered any payment information, please simply re-register from the beginning - your registration was not completed.  

It appears that your internet service provider (ISP) or a router between you and the server disconnected for a split second or did not transfer all of the data correctly. This was sensed by the registration server.  To be safe, the server stopped the registration process. The registration server itself is working correctly, or you wouldn't be seeing this message.

This is a very rare error. Unless your ISP is having some problem, you can go ahead and just register again - it is unlikely that you will see this error message again. If you do see this message a second time, please send us an email so we can troubleshoot the problem for you. Please tell us exactly where you were in the process and what you did before the error occurred. Thank you!

If you had submitted payment information just before seeing this error, it would appear that the third-party credit card processor had a communications error on their end. Please send us an email and we will forward it to the registration staff. Give us the name and company of the person that was being registered - plus the name of the cardholder (but not the card number, as email is not secure). They can determine if the payment went through and will follow up with you.

If you saw this error immediately after typing a page's address (URL) into your browser, it's likely that you just mistyped something, so please check your spelling.

If you clicked on a link or used some other program in the web site, please send a send us an email so we can troubleshoot the problem. Please tell us exactly what you did before the error occurred. Thank you!